Common Solutions for Common Problems - The Leaders Meeting for a Growth Based Economy and Sustainable Future December 19, 2018, Istanbul


The world is changing rapidly. The mega trends that trigger change bring about many complex social, environmental and economic issues that we face every day while transforming the sectors. Today, we need the protection of environmental assets, the development of a society with welfare level, and a value-based economic development model for the development of a sustainable future on a global scale. Otherwise, it will not be possible to ensure the sustainability of our companies and the sustainability of a foreseeable investment environment.

Purpose - Common Vision

We, as Yıldız Holding, are organizing a summit called the Leaders Meeting for a Growth Based Economy and Sustainable Future with the cooperation of B Lab Europe in order to produce solutions together for the current complex issues, discuss the options of the cooperation and develop the practice require by both the world and our country.  At the summit, we aim to create the vision of a common future (manifesto) and redefine the role of the business world together with the leaders of our companies, which have a large share in the development of our country's economy.

B Lab aims to ensure that companies use the power of business to solve environmental and social problems while ensuring the financial sustainability of companies through the action of B Corp. B Corp., a community in which companies aiming at not only being the best of the sector and the world but also being the best for the world participate voluntarily, is composed of companies that aim to shape the global economy in a way that creates value for everyone.

In this meeting that we are holding with the cooperation of B Lab, we want to be inspired by everyone to be a part of the change we want to see in the world. In this context, we invite the partners and senior managements of Turkey's leading companies to work together for a sustainable future.



For this purpose, it is our greatest desire to evaluate the advantages and opportunities provided via cooperation together. Today there are countless business people working tirelessly in different parts of the world to improve the living conditions of others in many areas.

In our country, we have also leaders who make a great effort in the business world to be beneficial to the society and environment. The Leaders Meeting for a Growth Based Economy and Sustainable Future aims to bring together these leaders, who turn the benefit into a part of the business model, use the power of the business world for good and dream of a better world, and develop inter-sectoral cooperation.

For this reason, we would like to see the leaders who will meet in the framework of a common vision at the Summit, which will be hold for the first time this year, to share performance notifications and good practices in the coming years, and to continue to contribute to the common vision with new collaboration.

What is the Growth Based Economy?

Private sector is one of the leading actors to achieve sustainability. We need companies' innovation power and capabilities to address issues that directly affect global welfare and sustainability, such as rapid urbanization, population growth, income inequality, reduced natural resources, and the impacts of climate change. The fact that companies adopt an impact-oriented business model for developing innovation-based products and services that produce solutions for global issues leads to the paradigm change we need in today's economy. We call this new approach in the economy as growth based economy.

Why do we need cooperation?

Global examples show that ensuring a growth based economy and sustainability is possible by finding long-term solutions, establishing a common working culture and creating common grounds that bring differences together.  Thus, cooperation for success is essential.

Solutions for today's complex problems will not be produced by a single institution. These solutions can only be found through cooperation between different partners, stakeholders and leaders. We know that the ideal of a sustainable future is a long journey that no country, institution or individual can accomplish on its own, but can only be realized if they act together.

The United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals set out a long-term global framework based on this need and emphasize the importance of cooperation and partnerships in this regard.

We are aware that it is a long and difficult process ahead of us. With an approach that requires to take action, we aim at redefining the role of the business world at the summit to achieve the goals set out by the UN and adopted by Turkey, and to build the desired future together.

Program Flow of the Leaders Summit for a Sustainable Future 

09.00 - 09.30   Welcoming

Ali Ülker, Vice Chairman of Yıldız Holding

09.30 – 9.45     B Economy and Sustainability

Mr. Marcello PALAZZI B Lab Europe Co-Founder

9.45- 11.15   Panel: The Leaders of the Business World Discussing the Cooperation and Partnership for a Sustainable Future               

  • Ömer BOLAT, CEO of Albayrak Holding,
  • Ümit BOYNER, Board Member of Boyner Group
  • Mehmet BÜYÜKEKŞİ, Board Member of Ziylan Group
  • Begümhan DOĞAN FARALYALI, Chairman of Doğan Holding 
  • Abdurrahman KAAN, President of Müsiad
  • Mehmet Emre ZORLU, Board Member of Zorlu Holding

11.15 – 11.30 Break

11.30- 12.00 Leaders Declaration for the Sustainable Future

Begüm MUTUŞ, Sustainability General Manager of Yıldız Holding


Date: December 19, Wednesday, Istanbul
Place: Fairmont Quasar, Mecidiyeköy