Yıldız Holding Leaders for the Sustainable Future Summit - December 19, 2018, Istanbul


In 2018, Yıldız Holding Sustainability Platform organized and hosted Leaders for the Sustainable Future Summit for the first time. The Summit holds the honour of being the first convention in Turkey where business leaders across different industries gathered to establish the building stones of a sustainable economy. As Yıldız Holding, we aim to create a common vision across Turkey with this Summit and redefine the role of businesses in shaping Turkey’s response to social and environmental issues that are being faced globally. In order to ensure the resilience of our businesses we must focus on protecting natural capital, contributing to the prosperity of societies and creating a value-based economic model.

We believe there are many visionaries who are already changing the world and can set an example for the business world. In light of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we strive to bring these visionary business leaders who dream of a better world and utilize their resources to achieve it, to share best practices with other companies so they are not only making change, but also inspiring it.


2018 Leaders for the Sustainable Future Summit

On December 19th 2018, Yıldız Holding organized the Summit under the title “Leaders Meeting for a Growth Based Economy and Sustainable Future” with the cooperation of B Lab Europe.

The Summit hosted the panel “The Leaders of the Business World Discussing the Cooperation and Partnership for a Sustainable Future” to which several of Turkey’s largest companies’ leaders attended. The panellists tackled new approaches in economy, impacts of sustainability in the global economy, and the importance of establishing inter-sectoral collaborations.

The manifesto which was prepared by the leaders at the end of the Summit emphasized the adaptation of a business model which creates shared values to improve the society's welfare while minimizing our environmental footprints, collective efforts to produce permanent solutions, production of goods with high added value, innovation, fair trade, promotion of new talents and implementation of sustainable practices for improving the productivity of employees and shareholders.