Our goal is to achieve sustainable growth while increasing our success and doing better for the future. We will achieve this by focusing on our goals from an innovative perspective and responding to changing world and business conditions. Our ‘Make Happy Be Happy’ approach tells our legacy for the future generations.

Structured around the pillars of People, Planet and Product, it has a focus on three main themes, each with a far-reaching aims and clear interim objectives to help us achieve them:

EMPOWER: Our employees and partners make our business successful. We aim to empower them to funnel their passion, commitment and inspiration towards meeting the goals and our aims

RESTORE: We must protect and enhance the ability of our environment to deliver the resources and services we need to live our lives and for our children and future generations. 

INSPIRE: Our customers and wider society expect us to play an active role protecting our environment, improving our health and wellbeing and supporting societal values that we hold dear. We need to inspire them with confidence, making them happy that we are doing this.

Keys enablers to meet our aspirations are; education, engagement, collaboration, innovation, and digitisation. We need to innovate to deliver the change we want to see, embracing digital and clean technologies enabled by an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Our approach seeks to align with the SDG goals with the following of most relevance; Decent work and Economic Growth (8), Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (9), Reduced Inequalities (10) Responsible Production and Consumption (12), Climate Action (13) and Life on Land (15). All built on the backbone of partnerships for the goals (17).



Sustainability - Our Legacy for the Future