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Founded in memory of Sabri Ülker, the doyen of the Turkish Food Industry, and derived its mission from Sabri Ülker's world view, the Foundation continues its activities to educate the society with reliable scientific information in the fields of nutrition and health. Being the only Turkish member of European Nutrition Foundations Communication Platform, the Foundation has been delivering reliable scientific information on healthy living and nutrition to the society, has been in collaboration with institutions which are deemed good references across the world and has been continuing its path to becoming an exemplary institution in Turkey with its expert and completely independent Scientific Committee since 2009.

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Balanced Nutrition Education Project, which is implemented under the training section, has reached 6 Million students, parents and teachers as the most comprehensive and sustainable nutrition education project to be jointly executed with the Ministry of National Education General Directorate of Basic Education in its 7th year.

The project was carried out for pre-school and 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade primary school students in the 2017-2018 academic year and the project's main messages were disseminated through Life Science course as a renewed National Education Program implemented by the Ministry of National Education.

Throughout 2017 - 2018 Academic Year, we have reached out to 1,000 teachers with "School Based Healthy Nutrition Education" organized with the Ministry of National Education General Directorate of Basic Education in order to encourage the professional and personal development of our teachers in the format of 'in-service training'.

A new material was added to the training materials for the Balanced Nutrition Education Project, which is renewed for each educational period, in the period of 2017-2018. Drawing attention with its colorful and immersive design, "Little Chefs Restaurant" is a story book that reached 500,000 students. 


Within the scope of the Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyles Summit that is held for research purposes in every two years, the world-famous scientists come together and bring the latest developments in nutrition and healthy living to the agenda. The summit was held in 2017 under the theme of "The Effects of Eating Behavior on Health" and with the participation of Purdue University Faculty of Nutrition Science Professor Richard Mattes, University of Colorado Department of Pediatrics and Medicine Lecturer Professor Dr James Hill and Oxford University Gastrophysicist Professor Charles Spence.

Sabri Ülker Science Award

The Sabri Ülker Science Award, organized with the aim of "supporting programs on nutrition, research and education and other initiatives", rewards projects that aim to contribute to community health under the theme of "Nutrition, Metabolism and Community Health". This year, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Institute of Cancer Research fellow Assistant Professor Ömer Yılmaz was awarded the prize with the project titled "Dietary Control of Stem Cells in Physiology and Disease".

For Accurate Science Platform

The Sabri Ülker Foundation shares scientific and up-to-date information on health and nutrition with the public through the "For Accurate Science" platform, which is being conducted in cooperation with international reference institutions and strives to prevent information pollution in these areas. Information that is examined scientifically through Turkey's First Scientific Information Platform on Health and Nutrition are presented to the society with unbiased comment and understandable language.

Nutrition and Health Communication Programme

Sabri Ülker Foundation draws attention to the importance of illuminating the public with scientific knowledge in health journalism by bringing international scientists and communicators together through its educational program and inviting the involved parties to exert themselves around the same table.  Participants, who attend Turkey's first internationally certified nutrition and health communications program, complete the training by receiving a certificate of the Society of Nutrition and Food Science (European Nutrition and Food Science Community), Germany's leading nutrition community.



Metabolism and Life Symposium

Organized by Sabri Ülker Center, Metabolism and Life Symposium brings world famous scientists together every two years at Sabri Ülker Foundation. Metabolism and Life Symposium is organized to bring together leading scientists and young generation researchers in the world and create cooperation and exchange of ideas related to the latest scientific developments.

Marmara University Application and Research Center

For the future of public health, Sabri Ülker Foundation collaborates with Marmara University, one of the respected universities in Turkey. With the protocol signed on June 7, 2018, the foundation of Marmara University Sabri Ülker Application and Research Center was laid. Marmara University Sabri Ülker Application and Research Center is expected to be operational as soon as possible.

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