Alongside our environment-friendly manufacturing practices, we also support projects which address environmental problems while promoting our business. The  Sabri Ülker Environment Award recognises environmental projects and helps them come into being.

We continue in the tradition of our late founder and honorary chairperson Sabri Ülker's environmental sensitivity. In order to help protect water sources and make them sustainable, we collaborate with TURMEPA (Turkish Marine Environment Protection Agency) and reward projects in this field.

2013 Winner: The ‘Kaynayştır’ Project

The first winner of the award was the Kaynayştır Project, which enables 100% efficiency in recycling by separating waste at its source. The Kaynayştır Project aims to launch an automated system for the separation of waste such as glass, plastic, paper, and cooking oil, as well as household waste in homes, residence complexes, schools and hospitals.

Today, the Kaynayştır Project is coming to life through signed protocols with local governments looking to establish ‘brand cities’. At the same time, three separate development projects in the private sector are using the Kaynayştır system, aiming to separate waste at its source

2014 Winner: The Smart Irrigation System Aquatic Project

The  Sabri Ülker Environment Award was granted for the second time in 2014. The contest received over 200 applications in its first year, and over 500 applications this year. The 2014 award was granted to the engineer Murat Aydoğdu from GAP Agricultural Engineering Institute for his ‘Smart Irrigation System - AQUATIK’ project, which he developed to prevent desertification in the plains of Harran city caused by improper irrigation.

AQUATIK measures the humidity, salinity and temperature of agricultural soil using sensors, then transmits the results to a central computer via radio signals. The system ensures that crops are watered only when they need it, thereby saving water, without farmers needing to visit the fields.

For detailed information, please visit turmepa.sabriulker.com.tr