Within the framework of Yıldız Holding's projects conducted for the future of public health, Harvard Sabri Ülker Center received its name in 2015.  With the leadership of Professor Hotamışlıgil, Sabri Ülker Center, which is established in order to prevent the occurrence of genetic and metabolic diseases, hosts scientists both from Turkey and around the world. In addition, it organizes top-tier symposiums in Istanbul and Boston alternately to bring together the leading scientists and young generation researchers of the Developed World and create cooperation and exchange of ideas related to the latest scientific developments

Metabolism and Life Symposium, the second of the symposium series, was held between 29 and 30 May, 2018 at Harvard University, hosted by Sabri Ülker Foundation.

Recent developments on battling chronic diseases have been shared at the Symposium, where speakers of the Nobel Prize for Science have participated.

In Sabri Ülker Center's studies; many issues were covered such as how our cells use the foods we eat, the relationship between disease and etc.

The latest developments and their applications on the prevention and treatment of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and accompanying disorders are included.  Research conducted at the center continues to be published in magazines such as Nature Medicine, Cell Metabolism and Science, some of the prestigious publications of the scientific world.   

All communication studies of Sabri Ülker Center are carried out by Sabri Ülker Foundation.

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