We encourage a culture of innovation for sustainable growth.


We place as much importance on innovation as we do on society and the environment. This is because we aim to always do the best work possible for our consumers. We founded Northstar Innovation to gather all of our innovation projects under the Northstar banner.

Northstar Innovation is Turkey’s first R&D Company working principally in the area of fast moving consumer goods. Our aim is to create a forum in which universities, the private sector, and the State, can share their innovations. With the mission of bringing our consumers the best products, Northstar strives to lead its field. In addition, it provides a consultancy service for companies who want to make innovation a part of their culture, with an offering for every point of the value chain – from innovation and R&D to quality control, from regulations to business processes.

To date, Northstar has conducted one-on-one exchanges with 5000 consumers, completed sense analyses testing on over 8500 consumers, and held product tastings with 10,000 consumers. Following 260 research projects, it had received feedback from 85,000 consumers.