Happy Children

A little support in a child’s life can make a big difference. Kids are our priority.

As a biscuit and chocolate producer we have been a part of the lives of millions of children. Generations have grown up loving and trusting our products. We find joy in helping children prepare for the future by supporting projects that aid child development.

We know from experience that even modest extracurricular support in children’s lives can make a big difference in their future. So we prioritize kids in our social responsibility projects. From art to sports, our projects open doors for children.

We take pride in having reached 2 million Turkish children since 2007, through our sports, arts, culture, and education activities.



We believe that children are the future of our country and the world. That’s why we contribute to grassroots sports projects for children. With Ülker Football for Children, a program we developed in cooperation with the Turkish Football Federation, we have involved over 264,000 children in football. All of our sports projects have reached over 272,000 children.

Our children’s sports programs:

Project Project Duration Number of Children Reached 
Football Education Centers 7 years 79,000
Football Villages 8 years 4,500
Football Festivals 5 years 162,000
U20 Grassroots Festivals 2 months 1,700
Grassroots Day 5 years 17,300
Basketball Festival 8 years 8,000
Total   272,500

Football for Children Project

Football Villages: In summer we activate TFF-Ülker Football Villages TFF-Ülker Football Villages
TFF-Ülker Football Villages
for talented 12-year-olds whose progress we have been watching throughout the year. Together with the TFF (Turkish Football Federation), we organized 53 football villages in 30 provinces over 8 years. Talented youngsters came from every corner of Turkey to learn and enjoy education in chess, a balanced diet, creative drama, environmental awareness, personal hygiene, first aid, and art, all of which help their social, cultural and personal development. So far, 36 boys and 44 girls who attended a TFF-Ülker Football Village have been selected for their national teams. 50 of them have gone on to sign contracts with professional clubs.

Elite Football Villages: 102 talented children chosen by their trainers in TFF-Ülker Football villages during the summer of 2014 were hosted in Hasan Doğan National Teams Camping and Training Facilities at Riva. The villages were activated in two stages between January 26th and February 8th, 2015, with the participation of 46 girls and 56 boys. The most talented children in the 12-to-13-year-old category were offered one week of training sessions in a variety of areas. In addition to football, the sessions included other subjects to help them gain a broader perspective on their lives. In these programs, organized by experts, youngsters improved their football skills by meeting with national team trainers in person. They absorbed the concepts of fellowship, fair play, and team spirit, which are core aspects of both football and success in life.







Ülker Children's Film Festival

We initiated the Ülker Children’s Film Festival Project in 2008 as a gift to the children of Turkey on one of our national holidays, April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. We wanted to expand both children’s horizons and the power of their imagination through film. With the festival, which we have organized every year for the past 8 years, we have reached hundreds of thousands of children in every part of Turkey. Children who do not normally go to the movies gained an opportunity to experience the magic of cinema.Ulker Children’s Film Festival Project
Ulker Children’s Film Festival Project
Our executives visited Anatolian provinces such as Mardin, Van, Kars and Artvin and watched film premiers together with the children there. Thanks to this project, we saw an impressive increase in the proportion of cinema-goers in Anatolia.

1.100.000 Children
63 Cities
8.780  Screening 
1.130.000 Gift Boxes


We believe art education is just as important as athletics education in a child’s development. Art nurtures and expands children’s imaginations and aesthetic sensibility. To this end, we founded the Ülker Children’s Art Workshop to help children learn to appreciate art from an early age.

The workshop, which was first launched at Art Beat Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair in 2011, allows thousands of children to experience contemporary art at a different venue each year. Kids get the chance to meet successful artists and benefit from their guidance.

In 4 years, the Ülker Children’s Art Workshop has brought 13,000 children together with art. The Workshop has hosted young artists at leading platforms such as Contemporary Istanbul and Art International; at exhibitions supported by Yıldız Holding, such as the Burhan Doğançay Retrospective at Istanbul Modern; as well as in other parts of Turkey, in conjunction with the Ülker Children’s Film Festival.

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Balanced Nutrition Education Project

It is crucial that children learn healthy eating habits early in life. A sound understanding of the importance of a balanced diet can last a lifetime. To further this goal, Sabri Ülker Food Research Foundation and the Ministry of Education teamed up to create the Balanced Nutrition Project.


Through the project, 1 million primary school children (ages 8 through 11) and their parents receive lessons in balanced nutrition, across ten Turkish provinces. We are proud of our role in helping to found Turkey’s most comprehensive and extensive nutritional education program.

Sabri Ülker Foundation also participates in the Football Villages project (conducted in partnership with the Turkish Football Federation) by teaching sound nutrition to aspiring sports stars. Children who are passionate about sports attend training in 8 regions across Turkey. Kids can enjoy interactive games while learning healthy eating habits.

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