Food Safety Board and Consumer Food Sensitivities (Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian)

Our mission is becoming a leading global food producer that produces foods of the highest standards and quality in terms of the requirements of Food Safety and Consumer Sensitivity.

Our Purpose
Yıldız Holding incorporated the consumer requirements such as Food Safety and Halal Food. Our deceased founder, Sabri ÜLKER, stated when he founded the business, "I wouldn't produce or trade anything if I don't eat or I don't allow my children to eat it". This approach always guides us. All of our products are manufactured in accordance with food safety standards and regulations throughout our supply chain.
We, as Yıldız Holding Food Safety Board, follow the practices of Yıldız Holding Food Safety and Consumer Sensitivity Standards and Systems, which we have established on a global scale in order to develop and maintain this great trust of our founders and to transfer it to future generations, we are supervising the effectiveness and sufficiency of the company and striving to ensure continuity and excellence.

Our Spheres of Activity
Yıldız Holding Food Safety Board carries out the following activities in terms of consumer requirements mainly food safety, food defense and Halal Foods in the food companies, suppliers and the entire consumption chain of Yıldız Holding:

Determining the Holding strategies:
The Food Safety Board determines the Holding's Food Safety strategies through weekly, monthly and annual evaluation meetings.

Establishing corporate standards:
Board establishes the corporate standards by receiving opinion from Yıldız Holding's own expert staff and the academicians outside Yıldız Holding in terms of the consumer requirements, mainly Food Safety, Food Defense and Halal Food. It conducts risk assessments of food safety and defense in accordance with international rules and changing regulations, and explores potential risks while assessing the current risks.

Providing training and consultancy services:
In order to ensure compliance with established corporate standards, it provides consultancy services to all Holding food companies in Turkey and abroad, prepares notes and gives trainings.

Conducting audits to verify compliance and monitoring the identified actions:
The Food Safety Board monitors the effectiveness and sufficiency of the implementations in Yıldız Holding and its subsidiaries. It ensures that the laws, regulations, codex, standards and specifications related to Food Safety and Defense are applied in Yıldız Holding and its subsidiaries and service units. It reports the results of the audit to the senior executives of the companies and ensures that the identified actions are taken, follows up and monitors the progress. It enables the actions to be concluded in a positive way.


Building a system of compliance with consumer requirements standards, monitoring and supervising the certificates and processes:

Halal food production

All our products are manufactured in accordance with halal standards. For this purpose, we employ the experts of the halal food industry. An effective Halal Management System is implemented in line with our existing halal food standards, which are pioneering and exemplary in the sector.

All the raw materials we use and all our domestic and international production facilities comply with the strict requirements of our halal management system, which includes the standards and practices adopted by international organizations.

All our plants have Halal committees. These committees manage the necessary management steps to ensure the compliance of halal food at all stages from the purchasing process to the R&D process, from production processes to sales. Halal control points are specified in all our critical processes and we support the management of our systems by analyzing them, when necessary.

We impose the halal certificate requirement in all our food raw materials that carry the smallest risk. The certificates we request from our suppliers are accepted if they belong to the certification bodies approved by the leading international authorities of the sector. As a requirement of being a global company, we ensure that our suppliers comply with our standards with an integrated perspective. Please find below on the supplier audit program.

Food Safety and Consumer Sensitivity team working under the Food Safety Board creates the audit programs, in order to check compliance with the requirements of our halal management system; regular and detailed inspections are carried out in all domestic and international units, including our production facilities, warehouses and logistics points.


We understand the complex structure and diversity of the interpretations and assumptions made about Halal, we closely follow the regulations of the countries we export and produce, and show the sensitivity required to meet the expectations of different countries or regions.

We provide regular training and consultancy services to business units of all levels through the halal food industry experts in order to maintain halal compliance.

Kosher food production

According to the consumer demands, we are producing the food in accordance with kosher standards. When the food is produced in accordance with the kosher standards, kosher certificates we request from the suppliers of raw materials we use are obtained from the leading companies of the sector. We continuously monitor our production companies in line with our standards and provide training and consultancy services.

Vegetarian food production

In some regions where our products are sold, we produce in accordance with vegetarian dietary standards, considering the sensitivities of our consumers. We also comply with the implementations of reputable international organizations in vegetarian production.

Supplier Audit Program

We collaborate with Merih Kalite, one of the specialist in the industry, to perform periodic audits to our suppliers for compliance with our standards and to conduct required assessment within the scope of Food Safety, Food Defense and Consumer sensitivities, especially Halal food.

Merih Kalite contact:


Food safety: This includes all the activities that ensure to identity all the biological, microbiological, physical and chemical risks that may cause disease because of the food in the food production processes from the seed until the food is served and to eliminate these risks so that the food is processed, prepared, stored and presented to the consumers in a healthy way in accordance with the laws and regulations.

Food defense: This is the defense system that covers the actions such as general preventive measures, deficiency identification and deficiency reduction, food defense plans aimed at preventing and eliminating the physical, chemical, microbiological and radiological deliberate contamination, internal and external threats and risks that may arise in food production processes in order to ensure the healthy production and consumption of foods.

Foods that comply with consumer sensitivities: In line with the demands of our consumers living in the countries where we produce and sell food and in accordance with the general food production rules and health and hygiene principles specified in the laws and codex; these are the foods that are produced in order to meet the demands of food that conforms to the beliefs, lifestyles and preferences that are included in Universal Human Rights and are protected by law.

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