We conduct Green Projects in order to increase energy efficiency and savings in all businesses within the Yıldız Holding structure. Through an effective energy use and waste management strategy, we reduce our carbon emissions and environmental pollutants to levels below those required by law. Packaging companies within the Holding Group have also taken a leading international role in developing biodegradable packaging products. 


At Yıldız Holding we shape our environmental policy with full awareness of our corporate responsibility as world citizens. At our 72 factories, 25 of which are overseas, our production community conducts its local environmental activities with a global perspective. At the foundation of every project lies our strategy to combat climate change through reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Efficiency

We began energy efficiency improvement projects at all Yıldız Holding’s businesses to minimize energy consumption at our factories, including the following key initiatives:

- accelerating the adoption of alternative energy sources.

reducing the use of cooling gasses which damage the ozone layer.

- reusing heat from ovens and boiler flues.

- introducing high energy efficiency electric motors at our factories.

As a result of these and other improvements, over the last 4 years we have:

- reduced our annual electricity consumption by about 8%.

- reduced our annual natural gas consumption by 6.5%.

- reduced our CO2 emissions by 11% (102,000 tons).

Energy Efficiency Initiatives

As a result of the energy efficiency projects we enacted between 2010 and 2013, Yıldız Holding’s businesses reduced their energy use by over 225 million kilowatt-hours.

The Ak Gıda project focuses on heating water through excess heat, and increasing the efficiency of electric motors. The project won support from the Electricity Works Survey Administration (EİEİ) in its 2010 Efficiency Increase Project (VAP). 30% of the investment we made to the project was supported by the Ministry of Energy.
The Ülker Biscuit Factory in Ankara also received support from VAP for its project, Increasing Efficiency in Electric Motor Systems. Again, the project was supported by the Ministry of Energy with a donation of 30%.

At three of our factories production was transferred to ‘Cogeneration Facilities’, which produce their own electricity from natural gas. Working with natural gas, a clean fuel, Cogeneration Facilities create efficiency by meeting the three facilities’ heating needs with steam, while also generating their electricity. The electricity generated at the three sites is able to meet all their energy needs.

Our company Kümaş Madencilik will take recover wasted heat from rotary ovens to generate 10 million kilowatt-hours of electricity. We will reduce CO2 emissions by 5,900 tons with this project. That’s equivalent to the electricity consumption of 3,571 four-person families.

Companies within the Holding Group saved 57.7 million kilowatt-hours as a result of energy-efficiency projects in 2013. We prevented emissions equivalent to 28,400 tons of carbon dioxide, equal to the annual electricity consumption of 20,000 families, or the output of a 6 MWh thermal plant.

Responsible Waste Management

We have minimized our use of hazardous chemicals, thus improving the working conditions at our purification facilities.

Measurements taken at our factories determined that pollutant concentrations in wastewater and air emissions were significantly below those limits required by law.

We renew our factories’ environmental permit certificates regularly.

We work with licensed firms to process all hazardous and non-hazardous waste at the source, separating them for re-use, recycling, or safe disposal.

We contribute to the country’s economy by collecting and separating recyclable waste materials (paper, plastics, and glass), and delivering them to local governments or licensed organizations, in accordance with the rules of the TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

Between 2010 and 2013, we recycled 48,000 tons of plastic, 84,000 tons of paper and cardboard, 27,000 tons of glass, and 13,000 tons of metal.

38-44% of the packaging used in our products between 2010 and 2013 was recycled, thereby contributing to the national economy, according to Waste Packaging Control Management published by the Ministry for the Environment and Urban Planning.

We recycle our waste vegetable oil to prevent it polluting ground water. We deliver our waste oil to licensed biodiesel firms in leak-proof drums at no charge. Biodiesel production turns these oils into fuel which is used in vehicles, heating, aviation and energy production.

We dispose of our waste batteries in containers provided by the Portable Battery Producer and Importer Society.

Our anaerobic purification and biogas facility is the most technologically advanced facility of its kind in Turkey. Established in 2012 with an investment of approximately 8 million TL at Ak Gıda’s factory in Pamukova, the facility processes factory waste to produce 1.4 MWh of energy. With the biogas it produces it can meet the natural gas needs of 2,700 households and the electricity needs of nearly 3,800 households. As a result, we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 9,800 tons each year – about the same as planting 500,000 trees.


Responsible Water Use

Our efforts to protect the environment do not stop there. We are also taking serious steps to improve water use efficiency, the importance of which grows daily. We have completed several projects to maximize efficiency in our use of water, including:

- reducing our annual water usage by 200 million litres, equivalent to the annual water consumption of 4,000 people

- generating energy from waste and wastewater at our businesses

- collecting rainwater for use in cleaning and irrigation


Yıldız Holding’s Çamlıca Campus received the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificate from the US Green Building Council, the third building in Turkey to receive Green LEED status in the category of living buildings. In the process we achieved the following results:

By using green energy from renewable sources at Yıldız Holding’s Çamlıca campus, we have facilitated a change toward green energy.

- We reduced water consumption by 25% – 30%.

- 6.5 tons of paper and cardboard and 3.7 tons of plastic were recycled annually.

- In one year we recycled 3.4 tons of glass and 2 tons of metal.

- We saved 81,000 kWh of energy.

- We replaced 60,000 plastic cups with paper cups.

- We produced compost from campus kitchen and garden waste for use in landscaping.

accelerating the adoption of alternative energy sourcesreducing the use of cooling gasses which damage the ozone layerreusing heat from ovens and boiler fluesintroducing high energy efficiency electric motors at our factories