A Happy Society

We believe and invest in arts and sports as resources of happiness for people

As a food manufacturer, our primary obligation is to the general public. Our companies produce a wide variety of food products to meet the needs of consumers. We take care to ensure that our products are accessible and affordable, while improving our sectors of the food and beverage industry.

Yet we place equal value on investments which meet the needs of society. Public health is a prime concern in everything we do. Our open and responsible communications policy encourages balanced nutrition and physical activity.

We create and sponsor programs in sports, culture, art and education, which promote social development. Programs like these have the power to bring people together and make them happy. We feel it is our responsibility to help create a healthier, happier society, and we work passionately to fulfil that role.

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We are involved in projects which allow people from all walks of life to access artistic and cultural activities. By implementing artistic social responsibility projects, as well as supporting various art platforms, we aim to ensure that art and society are each integral to the other.

We believe it is important to introduce children to art at an early age. Exposure to art has a positive effect on a child’s intellectual and aesthetic development. We support both contemporary and traditional art in the hope that art platforms in Turkey multiply, become permanent, and reach more people.

Yıldız Holding Art Collection
Our collection of painting and calligraphy includes nearly 1000 pieces, acquired from various auctions and exhibitions over the past 20 years. It is exhibited at both the Çamlıca Seminar Hall and in our companies’ offices.

Ülker Children’s Art Workshop
Children can gain a love for art at a young age. We’d like kids to form the habit of visiting art fairs, exhibitions and museums. Therefore at every art platform that we support for grownups, we make sure to use the Ülker brand to open the door for children too.

This was the concept in 2011 when the Ülker Children’s Art Workshop became the first children’s workshop at an art platform organized for adults, as part of an art fair. The workshop is growing each year with special collaborations and expanding content. In its fourth year it brought 13,000 children together through art.

‘YOUR THURSDAY’ at Istanbul Modern
To make art accessible to everyone, we sponsor the ‘Sizin Perşembeniz/Your Thursday’ project at Istanbul Modern. The prestigious art museum opens its doors to everyone every Thursday, free of charge. Thanks to the project, art lovers can now visit all exhibitions, events and film screenings at Istanbul Modern for free between the hours of 10.00 and 20.00 each Thursday.

Click here to follow the Your Thursday program…

Venice Biennial

Now almost 100 years old, the Venice Biennial is accepted as one of the most distinguished cultural institutions in the world.

Turkey has attended the Venice Biennial since 1991, and has participated through exhibitions and installations in its ‘collateral events’ since 2003. From 2007 until 2013, the Turkey Pavilion was conducted with sponsorship support from the Istanbul Foundation for Art and Culture (IKSV), under the patronage of the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Turkey, and with contributions from the Board of the Promotion Fund of The Prime Ministry.

In 2014, IKSV led a group of 21 supporters including Yıldız Holding in an initiative to purchase a fixed venue for the Turkey Pavilion for 20 years. Turkey will use this space between 2014 and 2034 to attend both the architecture and art biennials

Baksi Museum Children’s Events Supporter
Founded by Dr Hüsamettin Koçan, the Baksi Museum opened in 2010 in the village of Bayraktar, in Bayburt province, Turkey. Bayburt has experienced a high level of negative migration. The Baksi Museum is working to reverse that trend by forming connections between tradition and future, then strengthening these connections with employment opportunities and morale-boosting components. The museum implements projects for women’s employment, and identifies especially talented children from the region. It contributes to their education with scholarships supported by Yıldız Holding, and particularly activates projects for development in the areas of design, art and culture.

SAHA Foundation
The SAHA Foundation is a non-profit organization which promotes the appreciation of Turkish contemporary art through the unconditional support of artistic projects. SAHA strives to develop a stronger environment in which artists, curators, art historians, and critics can work and learn, and to increase their interaction with international networks. Yıldız Holding is a proud supporter of SAHA and its mission.

Art Events We Support:



    14-18 September 2011 / Lütfi Kırdar Congress and Exhibition Center

    23 May-23 September 2012 / İstanbul Modern

    22-25 November 2012 / Lütfi Kırdar Congress and Exhibition Center

    7-10 November 2013 / Lütfi Kırdar Congress and Exhibition Center

    13-16 November 2014 / Lütfi Kırdar Congress and Exhibition Center

    26-28 September 2014 / Haliç Congress Center



    4 September -31 December 2010 / The Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum

    4 November -1 December 2011 / Yıldız Palace

    12-23 April 2013 / Hagia Sophia Museum & Ankara Congresium

    2 August-2 September 2013 / Sultanahmet Medrese

    8 April-15 June 2014 / Hagia Sophia Museum and Topkapı Palace
    21 September-22 October 2014 / New York Turkish Center

  • Naciye Şubaşı's  illuminated manuscripts 'LOVE'  29 May- 7 June 2017

  • "Esmaü’n Nebi" Calligraphy Exhibiton– 21 May – 3 September 2018



Our participation in sports had been generous and far-reaching, beginning in 1993 with the founding of the Ülkerspor basketball club. We sponsored the 2010 FIBA World Basketball Championship and the Children of the World (COW) Project, in order to advance nationwide participation in sports. COW brought together 300 children from 110 countries.

We supported the first FIFA event to be held in Turkey, the 2013 FIFA U20 World Cup. In addition, we backed Istanbul’s bid to host the 2020 Olympics.

Ülker supported both professional teams and infrastructure projects in football and basketball. We were a proud sponsor of the Turkish National Football Team, as well as Fenerbahçe Basketball Team and also we continue to support  Turkish Sports Club such as Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray, Beşiktaş, Trabzonspor, Bursaspor.