Our Vision

We believe in growing together with next generations in mind.

In just over 73 years, our company has evolved from a local Istanbul biscuit maker into a global food group. As we continue to grow we remain aware of our broader responsibilities. We value our customers, consumers, employees, and our shareholders. We strive to bring benefits to society — especially children. We feel it is our duty to preserve the environment for future generations.

While managing production in 14 countries (including Turkey), distributing to over 100 countries, and building partnerships with world leaders in their fields:

  • We value environmental sustainability and support environmental projects.

  • We contribute to both the Turkish and world economies through our investments.

  • We bring consumers high-quality and affordable products wherever we operate.

  • We provide the best service to meet our customers’ needs.

  • We safeguard the health of our consumers and our employees.

  • We prioritize children in our corporate social responsibility projects.

  • We collaborate with civic organizations to create public programs in arts and culture, education and sports.


Happy children

As a biscuit and chocolate producer we have been a part of the lives of millions of children. Generations have grown up loving and trusting our products. We find joy in helping children prepare for the future by supporting projects that aid child development.


A Happy Society

As a food manufacturer, our primary obligation is to the general public. Our companies produce a wide variety of food products to meet the needs of consumers. We take care to ensure that our products are accessible and affordable, while improving our sectors of the food and beverage industry.


Responsible Nutrition

Yıldız Holding cares about nutrition and food safety, both locally and internationally. As our companies expand into the increasingly global food trade, we will continue to develop, implement and practice the latest scientific advancements and regulations. By providing information and guidance regarding production techniques and legal regulations, we work in cooperation with national statutes, civil organizations, academia, and suppliers, to address food safety at every stage of the chain.


Sabrİ Ülker Foundation

The Sabri Ülker Food Research Foundation was founded in 2009 with the goal of making a lasting contribution to public health. Guided by its board of scientists, all experts in their respective fields, this non-profit foundation works to advise the public about current global developments in health, nutrition, and food safety. The foundation aspires to be a reference institution in the areas of nutrition and health.


Talent Sustainability

As we expand onto the global stage, we want to ensure that our success remains well-grounded in sustainable practices. We drafted our Global Working Principles in order to comprehensively guide our working methods – independent of country, function, or product. These principles outline our company’s philosophy regarding human resources, innovation, sustainable growth, ethics and legal compliance. 


Sustainable Procurement of Raw Materials

A key factor in achieving sustainable growth is a sustainable supply of raw materials at the most basic level. Apart from certain products — such as cocoa, which cannot be supplied from Turkey — a large portion of our raw materials is procured from the domestic market. This also allows us to add value to the lives of hundreds of thousands of local workers. 


Environmental Sustainability

At Yıldız Holding we are aware of the needs of our society, and we place great importance on the role we play in improving people’s lives. To this end, corporate citizenship is a top priority for our group. Our key responsibilities include appreciating and protecting the lands where we produce, and creating solutions to public needs.