Wholesale and Retail

Powerful distribution networks lie behind the greatest successes in industry. We have always aimed to bring the same quality to every part of Turkey – even before we began working to improve our country’s transport and infrastructure. Our investments in this area allow us to share with our home country the value we have created.

Growing ever stronger, our infrastructure provides our holding with a vast distribution network. We closely track changes and developments in national channels, and can now reach Turkey’s most remote provinces. Our distribution network is constantly renewed and developed. This provides a huge advantage in the wholesale and retail sectors to our company and our shareholders.

Our burgeoning distribution network enables us to offer new areas of service to our consumers. We founded Bizim Toptan (wholesale markets) with this aim. The outlet shops it opened across Turkey have made national and international brands easily accessible to retail points. Meanwhile, Şok Markets, which was acquired by Gözde Venture Capital in 2011, brings Turkey’s known and established brands to consumers at factory prices.



Founded in 1995, ŞOK Supermarkets was bought by a consortium led by Gözde Venture Capital, one of Yıldız Holding’s companies, in August 2011. Completely rethinking its concept, including sales, ŞOK began to offer customers the branded products they know and trust, at favourable prices. Joining the structure of the DiaSA and Onureks shops in 2013, ŞOK now has 2,236 outlets (December, 2014).

Şok presents customers with leading brands in the market, along with specially produced brands such as Mis Süt, Piyale, Evin, Mintax and Deren, which have found a place in consumers’ hearts. Şok Supermarkets now provides customers with fresh and healthy produce more quickly via its agricultural platform.

For more information, please visit www.sokmarket.com.tr



Bizim Toptan started trading as part of Yıldız Holding with six outlets in 2002. As of September 30, 2014, it now deals in wholesale FMCG, from 155 shops in 65 provinces. Approximately 7000 products are sold at Bizim Toptan outlets, including all leading brands. The company’s slogan is “Earn more with us.”

Bizim Toptan offers almost everything – from to beverages to biscuits, from chocolates and candy to pasteurized dairy produce, from cleaning products to personal care products, as well as the food supplies which trades and workplaces require most.