Together With Our Partners

From the beginning our founder Sabri Ülker sought an answer to the question, “What is going on in world industry?” This inquiry has both facilitated and accelerated the integration Yıldız Holding’s companies with the global economy. During the 1960s it was almost impossible to follow international developments from Turkey. Yet Sabri Ülker’s quest to keep pace with the rest of the world allowed us to observe global competition and developments up-close.

We were the first Turkish group to benefit from the expertise of the International Executive Service Corps (IESC), a not-for-profit organization providing technical support to developing countries. Back in the 1960s, no one could have predicted the position we have now achieved. It is partially due to that early burst of progress that today Yıldız Holding has the power to compete with other global food giants, and our companies are able to form equal partnerships with the world’s most important firms.

In our deals with these companies, we not only agreed to do business. We also seized the opportunity to share technologies and innovations with our new partners. In this way, we have created value for consumers worldwide by producing high quality products more productively.


We began our journey in 1944 with just three people. As we grew, we protected the income of our stakeholders with the same care as we did our own. When we saw that it would be difficult for customers to reach us in the tough years after WWII, we delivered our products to them without considering shipping costs. We have always stood by our distributors, even in times of economic crisis, never leaving our traders and consumers without our products. For us, the promise we make to our suppliers is more important than any written contracts. This loyalty is how we have maintained relationships with so many of our trusted suppliers over the years.

Taking into account our  60,000 plus employees worldwide, our 5200 suppliers 400 domestic distributors and the 2900 farmers we keep contracts with, we work together to provide a better life to our all stakeholders. As we have grown and become stronger, the size of our family and the number of lives we can touch has increased, too. This synergy encourages us to keep doing better.