Non-food Products


We have invested in various areas, in order to both accelerate our own development, and to form new areas which will provide revenue to our shareholders. Gözde Venture Capital is founded to invest in non-food areas with high potential. We intend that our stockholders use the fund to invest in opportunities providing the highest return. 

SCA Yıldız Kağıt

We formed a partnership with SCA, the European leader in paper and personal care since September 2011. With the partnership, the company was renamed (SCA Yıldız Paper and Personal Care Manufacturing). SCA Yıldız set out to make Komili, the leading brand in the personal care market.The company handles the entire process – everything from manufacture to sales – in producing sanitary towels, baby diapers and cosmetics.

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Aktül Kağıt

Aktül Kağıt manufactures toilet paper from 100% pure cellulose, using Shoe Press technology for the first time in the Turkish market. Having begun production in September 2011, Aktül Kağıt is growing quickly and drives its operations in Pamukova / Sakarya.

Aktül Kağıt uses its investments to integrate the latest technology with modern production and management systems. Alongside its own brands, Komili Konfor and Komili Yuvam, Aktül Kağıt also carries out Private Label production for leading chain supermarkets.