Originally formed from the 1948 merging of McVitie & Price, which was founded in 1830, and MacFarlane Lang, United Biscuits joined the Yıldız Holding Group in November 2014. The company, which has arrived at its present status by adding many brands to its portfolio over its 66 year history, acquired Crawford’s Biscuits in 1962, MacDonald’s Biscuits in 1965, English crisp producer Meredith & Drew in 1967, The Netherlands’ leading biscuit and sweet company Verkade in 1990, and one of the Campbell Soup Company’s brands, Delacre, in 1998.

Presently, United Biscuits, which has managed to become the world’s 6th biggest biscuit producer in 66 years, is in the leading position in the British market in which it first appeared. Amongst the most famous of United Biscuits’ 20 main brands are McVitie’s, Jacob’s, Delacre, Twiglets, BN, Go Ahead, Sultana, Penguin, Carr’s, Verkade, DeliChoc, Mini Cheddars and Jaffa Cakes.

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