Our story in the food sector began with Ülker Pötibör Biscuits. So all our ‘firsts’ – our first factory, first brand, first distribution, first sales – happened through biscuits. Then, our approach of being a ‘master producer’ brought us another first: Ülker Chocolate. Our delicious products won the hearts of our consumers, and soon Ülker became known as a leader and a pioneer in the Turkish food industry.

Food and Beverage 

1994 marked the 50th year of our successful journey with Ülker, and in that year we brought a breath of fresh air to the food sector. Bizim Yağ brand (cooking oils) indicated that Yıldız Holding was more than a biscuit and chocolate producer.

We used our experience from the biscuit and chocolate area to enter different categories in the food sector – such as oil, milk and dairy products, beverages, and instant foods. From our first oil factory, Besler, and our first margarine, Bizim, we have travelled a long way in the food industry over a short time.

Today our holding, with 49 product categories, 320 brands and thousands of different products, continues to lead the Turkish food sector. And with the international brands we have added to our group, like Godiva and United Biscuits, we are taking sure steps toward being a global player.

In funding Ülker, brothers Sabri and Asım Ülker took an inspiring step for their country in a period when bread was distributed by ration card. In the beginning, their three-person team could only produce 75 tons of biscuits in a year. Under the framework of Yıldız Holding, our brands have grown into global brands with a place in the lives of millions of people.

3rd Biggest Biscuit Manufacturer

Biggest Chocolate Producer
300+ Number of Brands in Food Sector
2,9 Million Tons Total Amount of Purchased Raw Material in Turkey

The key factors underlying our phenomenal growth are twofold. We carefully observe the needs of consumers, as we have from the beginning. And we gain our consumers’ appreciation with our high quality products.

When we set out on our journey with Ülker over 70 years ago, we only had one aim. That was to be a quality brand which is both innovative and always available. The fact that consumers associate our name with taste and safety has played a major role in achieving this aim.

Our customer-focused approach helps maintain the unique connection we have formed with our consumers. Brand communication has been a priority for us since the 1950s, and we have sought to continuously strengthen this connection. As a result, we rank highly in annual studies of brands that people enjoy and trust. It is clear that consumers regard the Ülker brand as a guarantee that every product we make will suit Turkish tastes.

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