Our Products

Yıldız Holding’s brands are its most important building blocks, growing since 1944 to exceed a total of 300 today.

Ülker first began producing biscuits during the difficult years of the Second World War. The strength of the brand we built in the twentieth century has carried us into the twenty-first century. Taking sound steps and never sacrificing quality, we entered new categories in fast-moving consumer goods.

As Yıldız Holding, we produce and sell frozen food, processed meat and edible oil in addition to snacks, produces in many different areas from personal care to packaging, apart from food. We are always ready to serve to our costumers via our fast-growing chain retail companies such as Şok and Bizim Toptan. With our strong distribution network and years of expertise, we provide our consumers with quality products at a reasonable price as we bring value to their lives.


 46 Factories
13 Number of Countries
Where Production is Made
300+ Brands
100+ Export Countries



Today, as a holding company we produce a wide range of products. In order to provide our customers with ever-better products, we closely follow developments around the world, and we never compromise on the standard of quality which consumers have come to expect from our brands.

Non-Food Products

We have invested in various areas, in order to both accelerate our own development, and to form new areas which will provide revenue to our shareholders. Gözde Venture Capital is founded to invest in non-food areas with high potential. We intend that our stockholders use the fund to invest in opportunities providing the highest return. 

Wholesale and retail

Powerful distribution networks lie behind the greatest successes in industry. We have always aimed to bring the same quality to every part of Turkey – even before we began working to improve our country’s transport and infrastructure. Our investments in this area allow us to share with our home country the value we have created.

Together With Our Partners

From the beginning our founder Sabri Ülker sought an answer to the question, “What is going on in world industry?” This inquiry has both facilitated and accelerated the integration Yıldız Holding’s companies with the global economy. During the 1960s it was almost impossible to follow international developments from Turkey. Yet Sabri Ülker’s quest to keep pace with the rest of the world allowed us to observe global competition and developments up-close.