Our People

People are the key to our success : 63,500 employees worldwide; 5200 suppliers, 400 domestic distributors and 2900 farmers…


At Yıldız Holding, we are a multinational and diverse organization. In that diversity lies our strength. We work with mutual trust and co-operation, deriving inspiration from each other through mutual support. Marshalling our individual abilities toward strategic goals, we move ahead into a shared future with a united vision. We call this united vision the culture of ‘We’, and it guides everything we do.

We are a global player that knows how to compete. We aspire to be a leader in our fields of operation. We stay quick and agile to remain ahead of our competition. The secret of our success comes from creative innovation and constant improvement.


We aim to ensure that our human resources strategy meets current needs and is implemented to create value. In implementing and adopting programs, as well as spreading them to the community structure, we place importance on constantly re-evaluating our strategies to meet changing needs.

For this reason, several departments work together under the Human Resources umbrella, including Talent Acquisition, Accounting, Employee Benefit, Education and Development, HR Strategy, Organizational Improvement, Work and Social Security Law, Personnel, Administration departments, and our Human Resources Directors.

65.000 Employees
51.000 Employees in Turkey
73 Nationalities


%70 Generation Y 
%40  Women in Our Workforce


We support Turkey’s youth through projects we run at several universities, so that students are better prepared for working life. We visit around 70 universities, attend workshops, and hold conferences, helping students to spend their time at university more prudently. We feel that giving students an understanding of the dynamics of the private sector allows them to make more informed decisions about their futures.


With these goals in mind, we direct the JOB Project. The project puts students through an actual hiring process, and provides them with genuine work experience through long-term internships.


Taking our work to the campus environment, the Bizz@Kampus Project develops students’ creative and strategic skills and lets them gain experience, particularly in the fields of Marketing and R&D.