Due to COVID-19 precautions, Yıldız Holding's ‘JOB@Yıldız Holding’ internship and recruitment program for young talents is being held online this year with the title ‘Virtual JOB Experience’.

With the program to be launched on 1 July, more than 100 third- and fourth-year university students and new graduates will have online internship and recruitment opportunity. 

Yıldız Holding’s ‘JOB@YıldızHolding’ program provides internship to 3rd and 4th-year university students and a career opportunity to new graduates with the aim of supporting the employment of young people. This year’s program will be held online for the first time due to the pandemic, with the title ‘Virtual JOB Experience’.

During the 1-month internship program to start on 1 July with the motto “Brighter with You”, candidates will have interviews with department managers at Yıldız Holding, attend online seminars, and receive virtual trainings. After such an important experience in the early stages of their career paths, candidates will reinforce their CVs with the digital certificate to be delivered at the end of the internship period. JOB@YıldızHolding aims to provide internship and employment to more than 100 young people.

More than 17,500 applications

Application and interview stages of the program were held online, and more than 17,500 applications were received. JOB@YıldızHolding candidates will join video interviews and case studies after they pass general proficiency and English tests.

Within the scope of the program, a 2-day digital ‘Talent Camp’ will also be organized for employment candidates. There will be company and department orientations, case studies and fun activities in this camp. In the final phase, candidates who succeed in one-to-one online interviews will join Yıldız Holding. Special orientations, trainings and manager interviews will be organized for this year’s new graduate employees. The goal is to equip new graduates with competencies in leadership perspective, digital and visionary thinking.


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