Yıldız Holding opened its doors for calligraphy exhibition “Ekrem Hakkı Ayverdİ’nİn Kalem Güzellerİ’’

Yıldız Holding opened its doors for calligraphy exhibition “Ekrem Hakkı Ayverdİ’nİn Kalem Güzellerİ’’

  • Yıldız Holding which has gathered traditional and contemporary art pieces under a single roof up to today welcome Ramadan month with unique models of traditional Turkish calligraphy.
  • Ekrem Hakkı Ayverdi’s “Kalem Güzelleri” exhibition will take place at Yıldız Holding Camlica Seminar and Exhibition Hall as of Ramadan month and can be visited by June 27.


The famous architecture and art historian Ekrem Hakki Ayverdi dedicated his life to collect the exceptional art pieces of calligraphy. His collection consisting of the unique models of Ottoman art of calligraphy will be exhibited at Yıldız Holding Camlica Seminar and Exhibition Hall by June 27 with the supports of Yıldız Holding.

At Ekrem Hakkı Ayverdi’s “Kalem Güzelleri” exhibition, the collection consisting of invaluable calligraphic plates, Qurans, muraqqas, Delâilü’l-Hayrât, sketches, models, text patterns and sets was gathered.

Ali Ulker, Vice Chairman of Yıldız Holding, who spoke at the opening of the exhibition said “The Master Ekrem Hakki Ayverdi, who had dedicated his life to preserve the unique pieces of Turkish calligraphy was a valuable highbrow who improved himself and aimed to meet the future generations with calligraphy. Taking into consideration that Mr. Ayverdi devoted his whole life to gather these valuable pieces, we could understand the value of this enormous richness once again. We try to make traditional art pieces visible in the eyes of future generations and to bring these pieces together with our the world and his wife. In addition to its contributions to the economy, we aim to ensure that the Yıldız Holding, which we consider that it is responsible for providing social benefit to the society, takes part in unique projects especially in the field of culture and art.

We, previously, brought the art lovers together with “Esmaü’n-Nebi” calligraphy exhibition consisting of Prophet Muhammad’s 104 names and his titles, “Hüsn-i Hat ile en güzel 99 isim, 99 Hat- Esmâü’l-Hüsnâ” exhibition where God’s 99 names were handled, and the “AŞK” exhibition of Necmiye Subasi who tries to bring Ottoman classical wording into present by interpreting with a new understanding.

I hope that ‘Ekrem Hakki Ayverdi’nin Kalem Güzelleri’ exhibition will help the calligraphy meet with the future generations and will be a means to re-connect with the depths of our common culture.”

92 art pieces will be displayed at the exhibition

At the exhibition which of curators were Prof. Ugur Derman and Dr. Sebnem Eryavuz, the most successful pieces of Ottoman calligraphy can be visited by the art lovers from all over Turkey. At the exhibition, where pieces of the historic and popular calligraphers of the period between 16th century and 20th century and also certain masters such as Sheik Hamdullah, Ahmed Karahisari, Hafız Osman, Mahmud Celâleddin, Sami Efendi, Mehmed Şevki Efendi, Aziz Efendi take place, totally 92 pieces are displayed, including 76 manuscripts and 16 calligraphy tools and materials.

“Ayverdi avoided the opinion of financial gain”

During his opening speech, Prof. Ugur Derman said “Mr. Ayverdi appeared as an honest contractor at the first stage of his professional life because of his good nature and mentality. He used to complete fastidiously each project which he took and built all kinds of buildings from the cinema to the hospital and the institution. He always tried to make honest earnings and maintained his life with the consideration of “Dervish! Earn money, Eat, Feed, Complete Arduous Things.” However, at the second stage of contracting, he did his best for the renewal of the important mosques and the Topkapi Palace, which have the historical and architectural value; thus, we can say both he saved these works and he reached to the historical awareness which would determine his direction in the future. These restoration works, which he completed by putting his financial gain into the background and paying from his own pocket when required, became the focus point of Ayverdi's last 35 years of researching and composing works.” Besides, he gave certain information about the Master Ekrem Hakki Ayverdi’s life and works.

Dr. Sebnem Eryavuz, who took the curatorship of the exhibition with Prof. Ugur Derman, said “One of the most special works of the exhibition is Calligrapher Sami Efendi’s band writing which is 5.5-meter-long and was prepared to twine around the dome skirt of a mosque or tomb. The work where the verse 285 of the Surat al-Baqara is introduced to the art lovers with this exhibition, after it has been renovated by the team of Calligrapher Mehmet Ozcay.

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Dr. Şebnem Eryavuz, Prof. Uğur Derman, Ali Ülker

Dr. Şebnem Eryavuz, Prof. Uğur Derman, Ali Ülker

Ali Ülker (3)

Ali Ülker

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