Humanity is going through an extraordinary period of time. We are all engaged in a huge fight against the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) disaster, which also struck our country. This pandemic brings us together in unity and solidarity. Certainly, it is always important to make sure that people have access to safe food. Yet, it is even more vital under such extraordinary circumstances. And we, as a responsible group in full awareness of the situation, continue to work, to produce, to distribute our products, and to serve the society under these conditions as well.

All food and retail industry, including our Holding, works devotedly and resolutely to keep supermarkets open so that people can meet their needs, to make sure that products reach the shelves every morning, and to stand by our society in these difficult times. As Mr. Mehmet Şahin, President of ÖZ GIDA-İŞ Food Workers’ Union, has recently stated, we are all aware of our responsibility in making sure that our society has access to safe food. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all industry employees who continue to work responsibly even in these most difficult times. I also would like to underline that we take all measures and actions required to maintain the health and safety of our employees. We strictly implement the directives of our Government, Ministry of Health, and World Health Organization (WHO) in all group companies.

Our group companies are doing the best they can to adapt their operations to the challenging conditions and to improve processes. The most recent example is the “Şok in Pocket” application by Şok Supermarkets. Thanks to this online service, consumers all around Turkey can now stay at home and have their orders delivered to their addresses on the same day and free of charge. In this challenging period, Şok Supermarkets aim to employ 5,000 people through these home delivery services and new stores to be opened. Similarly, Turkey’s first online supermarket istegelsin has launched free delivery services to the elderly, those with chronic diseases, and family members living together with individuals in the high-risk groups. I attach great value on such initiatives that contribute to our society and our country’s economy.

On the other hand, we cannot thank enough to all healthcare professionals who work selflessly. In addition to ensuring business continuity and development despite this healthcare disaster, we, as Yıldız Holding, also cooperate with expert NGOs to make all our means available to the healthcare industry through donations and aids. Within the framework of these efforts, we cooperated with the Red Crescent, the leader of benevolence in our country, to deliver food products to 20 thousand people under quarantine. We have also supported Bezmialem University Hospital with medical devices such as intensive care monitors, ultrasound device, ECG device, defibrillator, laryngoscope, video-laryngoscope, stethoscopes, as well as with 3,000 medical products and materials, including hand antiseptics and floor disinfectants for hygiene. We have delivered our products to healthcare professionals at public and university hospitals to support them during long shifts and to offer solidarity and gratitude. In addition, we continue to regularly support 10,000 families with food aid every month through Deniz Feneri (lighthouse) Association. We are determined to continue our solidarity practices.

I would like to take the opportunity to once again underline that we, as Yıldız Holding, are ready for cooperation and exchange of information with our government and public institutions and that we will use all of our means to serve our society as a part of this mobilization. On behalf of our country, I extend my deepest gratitude to all heroes and heroines of this challenging process.

Ali Ülker
Yıldız Holding Chairman

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