Two golden awards to Ülker’s HR practices

Two golden awards to Ülker’s HR practices

With its exemplary HR practices, Turkey’s leading food company Ülker won golden awards in two categories at the international ‘BOC International Brilliance Awards’

Turkey’s leading food company Ülker received two golden awards at the international ‘BOC International Brilliance Awards’ out of the 4 categories it was nominated. Ülker Human Resources team won the “Brilliance in Employee Engagement” award for its employee-centered and innovative approach during the pandemic and the “Brilliance in Use of Technology in Internal Communication” award for the application ONE - the first digital assistant for all factory employees.

Stating that the company is delighted to be rewarded at such an important platform as BOC International Brilliance Awards with its HR projects, Ülker CEO Mete Buyurgan said: “In the light of the opportunities and requirements brought about by the rapidly advancing information and communication technologies, Ülker, just like every institution, prioritizes optimizing its business processes in line with the requirements of the age. Our company reveals the value it attaches to its employees through innovative practices that covers all employees. With the responsibility that comes with leadership and awareness on the challenges of this period, during which everyone is in need of access to safe food, we focused on our employees in all our factories as well as on their working environments during the pandemic. We received the Brilliance in Employee Engagement award thanks to our employee-centered and innovative approach we adopted during the pandemic, and the Brilliance in Use of Technology in Internal Communication award for the integration of the application ONE into the business processes of all factory workers. These two golden awards at BOC International Brilliance Awards showed us once more that we are on the right track in our journey of sustainable HR.”

Ülker’s HR practices which have been awarded globally include many firsts for the industry as well. During the pandemic, Ülker extended the scope of the 14 basic COVID-19 measures by the Ministry of Health under the title “14+14” and out these measures into practice in all working environments. In line with these rapidly implemented measures and actions, all Ülker factories were entitled to receive the “COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate” by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE).

In addition, having migrated many processes to the digital platform, the application “ONE” was rapidly adopted by the shop floor employees thanks to its convenience. A closed-circuit mobile application specifically designed for the use of employees, ONE is distinguished as an application featuring many applications and meeting all employee needs. Employees can now monitor weekly working schedules and processes such as payrolls and personnel affairs, and instantly access all documents they need via ONE. The application has also reduced physical contact and extra workload during the pandemic.

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