Seç Market’s Business Model Empowers Shopkeepers

Seç Market’s Business Model Empowers Shopkeepers

Empowering grocery stores and markets in the highly competitive retail industry through its business model, Seç Market aims to reach more shopkeepers by rapidly increasing the number of its partners by the end of this year. The corporate experience and purchasing power of Seç Market enables small and medium sized businesses to offer a range of high-quality products at affordable prices in their neighborhoods and to gain competitive advantage.

Reaching 120 thousand in number, small and medium sized enterprises still make up the majority of the food retail market in Turkey. Through its collaboration-based unique business model, Seç Market contributes to grocery stores to develop their businesses sustainably in this highly competitive industry. Currently, Seç Market has more than 1400 stores in 80 cities. These enterprises take advantage of many benefits offered by this business model, including a wide and accessible supply chain, rich product range, payment method diversity, and wholesale purchasing opportunities. Seç Market business partners also have the advantage of maintaining the genuine and strong bonds they have with their customers as local shopkeepers. Grocery stores of 100 to 400 square meters in size can apply to become a Seç Market business partner. No franchising or signboard fees are required in this process.

The number of Seç Market partners increases rapidly

Seç Market General Manager Altan Sekmen comments on the business model offered to shopkeepers as follows: “We bring together grocery stores that are trying to offer their services within a highly competitive local environment and provide them with a platform that adds value in terms of supply and product range. By leveraging Yıldız Holding’s well-established marketing, retail, and logistics know-how, we enable grocery stores which do not have much strength on their own to become a part of a larger structure. This way, we support them to gain competitive power and stand out. Thanks to the great interest in Seç Market’s business model, the number of our partners is rapidly increasing.”

Operational and financial consultancy support to shopkeepers

Seç Market has a wide product range, with more than 5 thousand products sold at Yıldız Holding’s retail companies being rapidly and conveniently supplied to Seç Market business partners. Partners can also sell regional products specific to their location. In addition to uninterrupted product supply, through services like customized loyalty offerings, checkout practices and shelving support at the stores, Seç Market supports its partners at every step of sales and marketing. Seç Market continues efforts to develop phone and online order models to enable its partners to compete in the field of digital commerce as well.  

Seç Market model as explained by a partner

Operating in Çekmeköy, İstanbul, Samet Sungur tells about his experience of partnering with Seç Market as follows: “We opened our market four years ago and thanks to the advantages of being a Seç Market partner, we managed to achieve rapid growth. Had we operated in this business on the basis of our individual efforts alone, our enterprise would have remained a much smaller-scale company. Seç Market offers us many opportunities for growth. Our customers are happy with the wide product range and affordable prices we offer. 

Another Seç Market business partner, Ali Saltık says: “Today, every grocery store should have such a corporate structure. While being a local enterprise operating for the people of our neighborhood, we also have a corporate structure. Seç Market enables us to achieve high trade volume; it has added value to our business since the very beginning of our partnership.”

About Seç Market:

Acquired by Bizim Toptan in 2014, this organization was named Seç Market in 2016. With over 1,400 stores in 80 cities, Seç Market is among the most prominent players in the retail industry today. Supporting local shopkeepers through a partnership system, its unique business model serves the modern market concept by combining the warmth and sincerity of local shopkeepers with corporate experience. In addition to more than 5 thousand products including Yıldız Holding’s private labels, various regional products are also sold in Seç Market stores.

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Seç Market’s Business Model Empowers Shopkeepers

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