Renowned artist Ahmet Güneştekin’s work of art created exclusively for GODIVA for Valentine’s Day promises chocolate lovers a colorful journey of love.  

On its 95th year, the leading global premium chocolate brand GODIVA celebrates Valentine’s Day artistically, with a very special artwork by renowned artist Ahmet Güneştekin. Güneştekin’s work, in which he interprets the universality of love with his original touch, is exhibited in GODIVA café at Zorlu Center Shopping Mall. Visitors are also offered the chance to eternalize their love through art by taking photos of their images reflected on the mirror placed in the center of the work. GODIVA invites chocolate lovers who wish to eternalize their love to visit this original work at Zorlu Center throughout February.

About the Artwork

The heart-shaped work is created with materials organized in circular form. Objects reflect their surroundings, embracing the viewers through this reflection. A metallic, spherical mirror is placed in the center of the work. Figures are formed on the overlapping circles around the center where light refracts, with the phrase “I Love You” in different languages. The work features photos and fragments of the past from various cities of the world. Photos accompanying the figures represent love by bringing back old memories.

The layout of visual materials suggest that love has always been hidden in historical context at every age and in every time. The history of love is not a ladder where you leave the steps taken behind. In nomadic times, people used to carry everything they had with them wherever they went: local seeds, memories of hardships encountered, and beliefs and sufferings of the past. In the 20th century, the ways of loving thus reflect the reservoir of all past emotions in response to the modern life. Since Ancient Egypt, this continuity is revealed in the loves of Orpheus and Eurydice, Dido and Aeneas, Abelard and Heloise, Ferhat and Shirin, Kerem and Asli, and Romeo and Juliet. Therefore, the work does not attribute the existence of love solely to the sensuality between two individuals, but points to it as revealing the existence of living and breathing individuals and of love and belief as a power. It philosophizes about this forgotten power which we all need the most in this era.


GODIVA is the global leader in premium chocolate. The company was founded in Brussels in 1926 by Belgian chocolatier, Pierre Draps. Nearly a century later, every piece of GODIVA is still bursting with quality, Belgian craftsmanship, and world’s finest ingredients. GODIVA distributes its products in more than 100 countries across the globe. Customers can experience GODIVA at the iconic brand’s chocolate boutiques, duty free shops, cafés, e-commerce channels, and many fine retailers. GODIVA is committed to innovative and delicious food and beverage products that exceed customer expectations and create wonderful moments.  From its famous truffles and shell-molded chocolate pieces to its European-style biscuits, individually wrapped chocolates, hot cocoa, soft serve and other indulgences, GODIVA is dedicated to bringing the ultimate chocolate experience to the world. As a socially responsible business, GODIVA supports sustainable practices and programs all over the world. The company also has global practices and programs designed to provide support to cocoa farmers, safeguard our environment, and empower the communities where we live and work.

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