Eco-friendly Cepte ŞOK motor fleet taken on the streets

Eco-friendly Cepte ŞOK motor fleet taken on the streets

Providing uninterrupted online services to its customers via its Cepte ŞOK application, ŞOK Marketler has established a fleet of electric delivery vehicles. The fleet has started delivering ŞOK’s affordable products to customers at shelf price, without any additional costs. With its immensely popular, environmentally-friendly Cepte ŞOK Motor fleet of 1,000 vehicles, ŞOK Marketler has become one of the retail companies with the largest electric vehicle park in Europe.

Operating with a business model enabling it to deliver reliable and high-quality products at at the most affordable prices and from the nearest sales point, ŞOK Marketler currently has 9,247 stores in 81 provinces and continues its investments without slowing down. Having served its customers uninterruptedly even during the pandemic via its online shopping application Cepte ŞOK, ŞOK Marketler has now established an electric delivery vehicle fleet of 1,000 vehicles to meet the increasing demand. The entire R&D process for 100 percent electic-driven Cepte ŞOK Motors was carried out by ŞOK and they draw attention with their eco-friendly features and low transportation costs, as well as their nostalgic look. Providing home delivery services with no additional cost, these vehicles are soon to serve all ŞOK customers across 81 provinces.

Demirel: “In the last two years, we have invested TRY 60 million in Cepte ŞOK”

Emphasizing that they have invested heavily in digital infrastructure efforts to be able to respond to changing customer needs and improve digital services, ŞOK Marketler CEO Uğur Demirel said that they will employ approximately 1,300 people thanks to the Cepte ŞOK Motor fleet established for the deliveries of the Cepte ŞOK application, which was developed within this framework and started its services during the pandemic. Demirel stated that, along with the increasing demand, they have made an investment of approximately TRY 60 million in the Cepte ŞOK application in the past two years. Demirel said: “We have organized a large fleet of electric delivery vehicles called Cepte ŞOK Motor to strengthen the order delivery network of our stores. With this fleet, we have become one of the retail companies with the largest electric delivery vehicle park in Europe.”

Orders placed via Cepte ŞOK are now delivered even faster

Cepte ŞOK enables customers to order and purchase the products sold in ŞOK stores via the application, the website or phone at the shelf price and the orders are delivered to customers without any additional costs. Customers can make their payments via the application, at their door by using a debit card/credit card, or in cash.The number of application users and the volume of orders placed via the application has increased rapidly in a short period of time and the application allows customers to enjoy comfortable shopping without any additional costs. Thanks to the newly launched Cepte ŞOK Motor fleet, the delivery process has been accelerated even further.


About ŞOK Marketler Tic. A.Ş.:

Established in 1995, ŞOK Marketler Ticaret A.Ş. joined Yıldız Holding in August 2011 with 1,200 stores. As of December 2021, the company serves its customers with 9,247 stores in 81 provinces, 40 thousand employees, a unique business model, a digital infrastructure that meets the requirements of modern retail, and strong and dynamic human resources. Having totally renewed its store concept in 2016, ŞOK Marketler offers popular branded products with affordable prices in stores located in residential areas so as to meet almost all basic needs of consumers. In addition, it restores deep-rooted, popular, high quality, and affordable original brands of the past, which were left in the margin due to various reasons, including Mis, Piyale, Mintax, Amigo, Evin, and reintroduces such brands to the economy. These brands are offered to customers along with other well-known brands of the market. ŞOK Marketler operates with the vision of ensuring that every customer leaves the store satisfied with a comfortable, high quality and affordable shopping experience. Offered to public in May 2018, the Company’s shares are traded on Borsa İstanbul with the code SOKM.

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