Digital sales and ordering are now easier with “IBM Cloud Marketplace”

Digital sales and ordering are now easier with “IBM Cloud Marketplace”

Representing the world’s leading technology brands in Turkey, Penta Teknoloji now offers the “IBM Cloud Marketplace” service to its business partners. Thanks to this service, Penta Teknoloji adds speed and convenience to all sales and order operations of its customers.

Delivering information technology products including computers, software, printing solutions, as well as server, data storage and network products to consumers for more than 30 years, Penta Teknoloji continues providing unique privileges to its business partners. Having deployed the “IBM Cloud Marketplace” service, which supplies the most recent and innovative cloud solutions, Penta Teknoloji facilitates access to digital marketplaces for its customers. Penta Teknoloji’s business partners get the opportunity to provide an experience that is compatible with modern technology and provide quick services to their customers through the automatically operated, ready-to-use IBM Cloud Marketplace. The companies that confirm the contract via the IBM business partners portal can choose Penta Teknoloji as the IBM Cloud Aggregator and start making sales from day one, without the need for any product-specific authorizations.

Erünsal: “We will continue expanding our portfolio for our customers”

Stating that they provide effective and innovative solutions to secure the future of their business partners in the digital world, Penta Teknoloji General Manager Fatih Erünsal said: “In today’s world where business and sales processes are all digitalized, we offer this sales model, which is a part of the actions taken by IBM towards digitalization as the first and only local provider in Turkey and the only local provider in the MEA Region. As Penta Teknoloji, we are glad to be a pioneer in this field and to put Penta IBM Cloud Marketplace at the service of our business partners with our technological infrastructure and competence in IBM business processes. Currently offering all the SaaS – Cloud solutions that are active on the IBM side, Penta IBM Cloud Marketplace will proceed with a larger product portfolio in parallel with the developments that will be offered by IBM.”


About Penta Teknoloji

Founded in 1990, Penta Teknoloji is currently among the leading value-added technology distribution companies of Turkey, quickly and safely distributing the most advanced global and domestic technology products. Operating as the distributor of more than 40 leading technology brands including Acer, Asus, Autodesk, Canon, Dell Technologies, HP, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Lenovo, Logitech, Microsoft, MSI, OKI, SanDisk, Seagate, ViewSonic and Xerox, Penta Teknoloji stands out with its value-added investments. Acquired by Yıldız Holding in 2011 as a result of is strategic partnership with Mersa Sistem, which is a leading company in technology distribution, Penta Teknoloji was merged with Mersa Sistem in 2012, under the name Penta Teknoloji. In line with its goal of becoming an industry leader and its strategy of value-added distribution, Penta Teknoloji acquired Medyasoft, Ekip Elektronik, Beyaz İletişim and Sayısal Grafik between 2013 and 2017. Operating under the roof of Yıldız Holding, Penta Teknoloji went public in May 2021.

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Digital sales and ordering are now easier with “IBM Cloud Marketplace”

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