7 awards to Ülker’s HR practices

7 awards to Ülker’s HR practices

Turkey’s leading food company Ülker won 7 awards at ‘’MENA Stevie Awards.”

Ülker won 7 awards at MENA Stevie Awards that reward the innovations and achievements by companies throughout the year. 

Ülker won 2 gold awards with its “Commercial Talent” recruitment program for young talents, which it has been implementing since 2013; 2 bronze awards with its “Renewed Recruitment Process”; and 1 silver and 1 bronze award with its “Analytical Pay Management Process,” amounting to a total of 7 awards.

Commercial Talent offers young talents the opportunity to experience different functions for 1.5 years

Stating that the awards prove the success of Ülker’s HR strategy once again, Ülker Human Resources Vice President Faruk Gözleveli said: “We shape our Human Resources organization on the basis of employee wellbeing. With our Commercial Talent’ project, which received 2 gold prizes at Stevie Awards,  we offer newly graduated young talents a 1.5-year-long program to teach them everything there is to know about commerce and sales. During this period, the young talents get to experience the different functions within our company. We also support our young talents through various training, coaching, and mentorship programs offered by our in-house academy and assign them to their ultimate positions at the end of one year.

In our Renewed Recruitment Process, we transfer many processes to the digital environment to help both newly recruited employees and Human Resources professionals to use their time more efficiently. Finally, our award-winning Analytical Pay Management Process enables us to go beyond standard pay management principles in pay processes and to benefit from HR & Pay analytics and data analytics.”

Gözleveli:  We will continue to invest in digitalization in HR

Pointing to the fact that Ülker increasingly invests in digitalization in human resources, Faruk Gözleveli saidthe company aims to be in continous communication with employees in every step from recruitment processes to adaptation processes through digital HR practices. Gözleveli added: “In 2018, we moved all our HR processes to Workday, which is a more user-friendly platform that is compatible with the requirements of the digital age. We manage our main HR topics such as talent management, recruitment and pay management via this digital infrastructure that can be remotely accessed by our employees anywhere. In addition, we have also launched new digital applications for ‘onboarding’ and ‘recruitment’. Digitalization in HR simplifies business processes, enables more transparency for companies, and reduces costs. As the digitalization trend is at work in full speed across the globe, it is of great importance that HR closely monitors the trends, adapts to digital transformation, and renews its processes.”

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7 awards to Ülker’s HR practices

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7 awards to Ülker’s HR practices

Turkey’s leading food company Ülker won 7 awards at ‘’MENA Stevie Awards.”

Ülker won 7 awards at MENA Stevie Awards that reward the innova…