59 new projects implemented at Besler R&D Center

59 new projects implemented at Besler R&D Center

As the pioneering company of the Turkish edible oil industry, Besler offers innovative solutions to the edible oil and food industries through its innovation investments and the 59 projects it developed in 2020 at its R&D Center.

As the leading edible oil manufacturer in all the businesses it is involved in including consumer products, out-of-home consumption and export, Besler also pioneers in R&D efforts in the edible oil industry. Besler implements innovation projects in collaboration with public and private sector stakeholders at Besler R&D Center which was certified by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in 2016. Through these efforts, it shapes the future of not only the edible oil industry, but also the food industry. 

Firsts in the food industry

Many groundbreaking innovations that constituted firsts in their respective fields were introduced to consumers through the efforts made at Besler R&D. Among the innovative products recently developed at Besler R&D Center to offer a combination of ease of use and good taste to consumers are the popular Teremyağ with its unique butter taste, Teremyağ Gourmet Milk Cream which blends milk cream with margarine, Teremyağ which is the only liquid margarine in the market and Luna Tereyağlı which combines the taste of butter with vegetable oil.

Bu focusing on value-added export products, Besler R&D Center also introduces many innovations in the industrial category including cocoa butter equivalents and improvers (CBE, CBI), chocolate and coating products, special filling products, and high quality cocoa butter replacer (CBR) free of trans fat. Thanks to its advanced technology and custom developed recipes, Besler stands out in the industry as the first company with an entirely trans-fat free product portfolio.

Contribution to Turkish economy

Combining innovation and technology to produce all edible oil and butter varieties for Turkey, Besler R&D Center contributes to national economy by enabling domestic production. Thanks to the great support and broad portfolio of its R&D Center, Besler Gıda adds significant value to Turkey in the category of margarine export. Exporting margarine to over 50 countries across 6 continents, Besler maintains its leading position among Turkish margarine exporters with its share of 40 percent according to Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK). 

59 projects implemented in 2020

In 2020, 59 projects aimed at sustainable production were implemented at Besler R&D Center with a focus on reducing the use of resources. In addition to those funded by Besler alone, there is a total of 7 projects supported by TÜBİTAK-TEYDEB (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey - Technology and Innovation Funding Programs Directorate) and the Ministry of Agriculture, 1 of which is supported by the European Union. 6 of these are already completed, with 1 is still ongoing. 

As the largest in Turkey with its technological infrastructure, qualified team and superior service capacity, Besler R&D Center develops out-of-home products for its customers on a project basis, while also supporting the product development processes of Marsa, a long-established company in the sector.

Delivering fast and proper solutions to its customers, Besler R&D Center offers such activities as workshops on chocolate products, filling creams, coated and molded products at its labs, as well as live performances with master baking and pastry chefs.

Şükrü Çin: “We meet the sector’s need for quality edible oil at affordable prices” 

Pointing to the fact that almost all countries have been making investments to meet their needs for food products and intermediate products after the outbreak of the pandemic, Kerevitaş Edible Oil Business CEO Şükrü Çin highlighted the contributions of Besler R&D Center to the economy, and said: “For many years, we have been working to provide value-added products to the industry. Turkey stands as the most important center of food production in the region. Edible oil is among the most essential components of almost all food production and required in all food production processes. Besler continues to generate considerable added value for the industry and economy in processed and specialty edible oil production.” Emphasizing that the R&D efforts carried at the Center will enhance the competitiveness of Turkish companies, Şükrü Çin added: “Through our investments in this field, we serve as a solution partner to meet the food sector’s need for quality edible oil.”

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Kerevitaş Yağ İş Birimi CEO’su Şükrü Çin



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