Dr. Cem Karakaş has been appointed as the Executive Deputy Chairman of Yıldız Holding

14 Oct

Yıldız Holding announced %90 shares of the holding’s beverage companies are to be sold to DyDo DRINCO

28 Sep

With this new campaign, Ülker proclaims, “Don't wait to be happy, appreciate small happy moments. They are everywhere.”

20 Nov

Yıldız Holding Receives M&A/Acquisition Finance Deal of the Year Award at Bonds & Loans

12 Nov

DeMet’s Candy Significantly Increases Capacity in Big Flats with $41 million Investment

30 Sep

The Sweetest Thursday

21 Aug

The Sweetest Thursday

Since May 1, 2014, 235,000 people have had the opportunity to visit the museum free or charge, thanks to the “Your Thursday” project organized by Ist…